Thursday, October 21, 2010

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Title: Shrinebuilder
Subject: Shrinebuilder
Published: Rock-A-Rolla #21, July/August 2009
Interviewee: Scott Kelly
Random facts:
- Within a week, I got to talk to Scott Kelly twice - one about Shrinebuilder, for this article, and the other about a Neurosis retrospective that I might post later in these vault series.
- On his latest acoustic solo album, 'Adrift', Wino has a song dedicated to Scott Kelly called 'DBear', on it he sings the line "if I called someone brother, it would be you," and these two remarkable men have also recently created a folk project together, so it's great to have talked to Scott about his relationship with Wino when they were still really getting to know each other, both musically and personally, after being just aware of each other for years.
- Of all the volcano-related cancellations at Roadburn 2010, none broke my heart more painfully than Shrinebuilder.

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