Friday, October 29, 2010

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Title: End Times Prophetic
Subject: Tombs
Published: Terrorizer #181, February 2009
Interviewee: Mike Hill
Random facts:
- What it says on the interview's lead (which, by the way, is the only part of the article that isn't written by me) is actually true - I reviewed Tombs' amazing self-titled EP a year before, a short 60-word thing when the band didn't even have a proper MySpace, and was totally blown away by it, as those quotations  from my text demonstrate.
- Unashamed Mike Hill fanboy that I am, during this conversation I quizzed him all about Anodyne and Versoma, and he told me tons of people come up to him these days saying how they loved Anodyne especially. And then he quipped playfully "I wonder where they all were when I was playing shows to 20 people!".
- Tombs' show in Porto during the European tour in support of 'Winter Hours' was so unbelievably good that I barely remember Buried Inside's gig who played afterwards. And I love Buried Inside.
- Tombs have a collection of rarities called 'Fear Is The Weapon' which even includes that stellar first EP, strictly limited to 1.000 copies, available for pre-order right now. Fuck are you waiting for?

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