Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 in review

You one of those who can come up with 6 albums for a top 20 list? Think today's (fill in blank) scene sucks compared to 19__ or 20__ (cross out and complete as applicable)? Two words for you: TRY HARDER. As with every year, 2010 was full of amazing records, of hours and hours of remarkable music. Sometimes innovative and revolutionary, sometimes tried-and-tested but nevertheless wonderful, sometimes by new bands we'd never heard of and sometimes by 30-year veterans, sometimes ugly and extreme, sometimes gentle and beautiful, sometimes dark, sometimes luminous, sometimes wild combinations of all these.

So, I have for your enjoyment, reference and/or disgust my ordered top 100 list of the albums I loved the most this year, and I have to say that I still left a fair deal of them out, but a top 150 would cross the line of silly, I think. And to make the point that I'm not a happy-go-lucky love-everything kinda guy, I also made a list of my biggest disappointments of 2010 - albums I expected to be highly placed in this list but that for one reason or another did not connect at all with me. Some of them I have seen featured very highly on other people's lists, which just goes to show the very personal nature of this sort of thing. For the list-freaks like me, I also compiled the best non-album releases I heard in 2010 and a selection of the best gigs I attended, so I'll be publishing all these in the next few posts, leaving the top 100 list for last. For climax, or something, I dunno.

I'd love to see your lists and hear your opinion on mine, so get arguing.

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