Thursday, January 27, 2011

road therapy / drowningman

Rock And Roll Killing Machine
2000 / Revelation Records

A perfect album for a short drive, my vehicular back and forths today were enough for this short and sweet blast of adrenaline to play all the way through twice. If you're suffering from apathy or laziness, then that dosage should be a can't miss prescription. Chaotic, unhinged blasts of infuriatingly catchy hardcore'n'roll that puts to shame anything The Dillinger Escape Plan have tried after 'Calculating Infinity', for example. Oh, and some of the best song titles ever, too. 'Last Week's Minutes From The Secret Society Of Your Friends Who Actually Hate You'? 'If God Loves A Winner He's Going To Want To Fuck Me In A Minute'? Yes, please.

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