Monday, January 31, 2011

road therapy / thine

A Town Like This
1998 / Peaceville

A more soothing than usual but engrossing road companion today - a vastly underrated album by a widely unknown band. It's usually the case, when there's a sort of musical "movement",that some bands never get the recognition they would deserve. If it happened with lots of unheralded pearls of the NWOBHM, for example, then it's not that strange that some products of the 90s Peaceville-doom front, as I like to see it, never got the universal praise of the Paradise Lost, Anathema and My Dying Brides of this world.

A Town Like This, from 1998, is the first of only two albums Thine have released and while it shares some similarities with the aformentioned (especially Alan Gaunt's vocals, which sound like Aaron Stainthorpe on his less theatrical moments, peppered with some Nick Cave-isms), it's also refreshingly unique. Sober and sombre, elegant but with unexpected atmospheric flair like on 'Miss Grey'(where even the female vocals don't sound like a tired cliché) and an intelligent use of keyboards, it's a shame it didn't reach its huge potential audience. The band released the second album 'In Therapy' four years later, in 2002, and while it took a while longer to settle in than this one, it showed progression and a will to experiment, so it's a shame they've disappeared since then. I just noticed they have an official facebook and there's talk of new rehearsals there, so maybe there'll be more chapters to the unfinished Thine saga. Here's hoping!

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