Friday, January 21, 2011

road therapy?

High Anxiety
2003 / Spirfire

Every day I bring along a couple of records to my car and usually one of them ends up winning the battle depending on my mood for the ride, if it's not a longer one that demands onboard DJing. Today it was 'High Anxiety', one of my favourite driving records ever. Can't beat the rush of leaving someone in the dust after a light turns green while shouting 'I JUST WATCH YOU GO, WATCH YOU GO, WATCH YOU GO' along with Andy Cairns.

Yup, I'm a psycho.


  1. I never got into them for some reason. had mates that used to play them loads. Maybe thats why haha.

  2. It's been one of my fetish bands for ages. Troublegum is the sort of album that has an effect on you when you're a teenager, like I was when it came out.