Sunday, January 23, 2011

road therapy / bodychoke

Cold River Songs
1998 / Purity (reissue 2009 / Relapse)

In the car today, Bodychoke's 'Cold River Songs' - harsh and aggressive martial riffs to make sure I don't fall asleep at the wheel, and enough nihilistic misery poured out by Kevin Tomkins for me to not care anyway if I do.

Boggles my mind how this album isn't mentioned way up there with people like Godflesh. Bodychoke weren't a bunch of unknowns (Kevin Tomkins and Paul Taylor were in power electronics legends Sutcliffe Jügend), previous album 'Five Prostitutes' was produced by Steve Albini and this, their 1998 swansong, is powerful, dynamic, bile-ridden noise rock at its best. Especially this 2009 Relapse remastered reissue that I have (hence that cover up there), with three extra songs that totally fit the mood and flow of the album. Wish they'd feature on that top 10 of good reunions I posted yesterday!

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