Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wondering what boogie-doom is? Hate your brother's wife and want to get rid of her with your record collection? Read on and all shall become clear.

First time I saw Malte Seidel in front of me, I was kinda scared. It was my first Black Shape Of Nexus live experience, and if you've ever subjected yourself to that particular ordeal, you know it takes some guts. Especially if you're like a foot away from the whole band. The blackened torrent of negativity that emanates from their music is nearly palpable on stage, and Malte is at the epicentre of it, collar-mic around his neck, howling as if all the demons in the world were spewing forth from his throat. A few years later from that frightening introduction, we've met regularly in a couple of countries and had awesome beertimes together, and he can scream all he wants in front of me that I still love him to bits. There you go.

1. Important things first – tell us all about your new cat Molly. I hear she’s been a bit noisy.
Malte: Molly is a little horny monster. She was in heat the whole last week. Imagine a mixture of Rob Halford and Slim Whitman standing beside your bed, screaming its lungs out the whole night. We weren't able to get any sleep.

2. What do you think would be the ultimate doom-animal to own as a pet? A whale? A grizzly?
M: A bison of course. Bisons are slow, heavy, furry and quite friendly fellows. But don't make them angry. Because then they transform into a fucking 10.000 tons freight train.

3. What’s your record of beers consumed during one single, uninterrupted beertime session? I’ll tell you mine as a comment to your answer. Seriously.
M: With the increasing number of consumed beers I am always losing the ability to count. But I'm in a league with Bukowski and Hemingway. Honestly.
[bit of a cop-out with the absence of a number, but I have reasons to believe the bold statement. Charles and Ernest have their work cut out! Still, my magical boozenumber shall remain a secret.]

4. What is the current status of The Ghost Dance Movement? Some cool guy told me a few months ago something could be recorded soon.
M: Unfortunately there are no news. I'm bugging the guys constantly to re-record and re-release Commonwealth Tracks AT LEAST. We'll see.
[Commonwealth Tracks is, tragically, their only release so far, the most perfect 4 tracks of post-metal you'll ever hear in your life, as I've tried to spread before]

4a). Are you sick of me bugging you about that band?
M: No. Keep on. You're welcome.

5. What about Black Shape Of Nexus, is 2011 the Year Of The New Album? Please?
M: Maybe we'll record the new album this year. But I don't see the release coming in 2011. A few weeks ago Michael left B·SON which was a shock. In the meantime we have a replacement. His name is Stefan. He plays bass in Ghost of Wem and also in Ralf's other band Constant Nothing. He looks like Dustin Hoffman.

6. How will it be? Boogie-Doom? Fuzzy drone? Or all that and a shitload else besides?
M: Boogie-Doom fits it very well. The new songs will contain more rock and less drone.

6a). You should provide a short description of the term Boogie-Doom, for those not in the know.
M: The term Boogie-Doom refers to the acclaimed Azerbaijan scientists Faslullah Boogie and Vaqif Doom. They were the first describing a correlation between low frequencies and thirst for beer. Both are nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics.

7. Where did you get your ultra-awesome collar-microphone, and when did you first decide to use it?
M: A few years ago I found it on eBay by chance. I bought it and started experimenting. Finally the throat-mic sounds shit - which is good. Late 2006 was the first time I used it live.

8. At Doom Shall Rise, it was the sun, at South Of Mainstream it was the rain – do you think your music angers the gods, especially those of the weather?
M: It seems that 'thinking man's metal', like Aaron Turner termed it, enrages the gods in general. Eyjafjallajökull is the best example. Regarding us: I'm expecting the worst for the future. BRING IT ON!

9. A fellow musician described you to me as “the nicest man in doom”. Does that affect your bad-ass street cred somehow?
M: Who said that? My gang and I will kill him in a drive-by-shooting.
[My lips are sealed!]

10. The last question is always a list-question. So, provide us with five albums that you would put on to scare away an unwelcome guest at your place.
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope (Parents)
Ugly Duckling - Taste the Secret (Vegans and vegetarians)
Black Shape of Nexus - Self-titled (My brother's ex-wife - it works)
Black Sheep Wall - I Am God Songs (Rotten neighbours)
Ricky King - The Golden Guitar Hits (The ultimate weapon)

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