Thursday, February 24, 2011

Neil is a Scotsman. Not on a horse (well, not when I've been with him anyway), but he's a wonderful a guy as your preconception of how wonderful all Scottish people are probably tells you. Only a true saint would be able to put up with me in various states of intoxication almost for 24h a day during five days, sleeping in a freezing tent as the only means of rest from that hell, and still want to add me on Skype and meet me whenever we're in the same country and generally be a great buddy afterwards. On top of it, just like the three other dudes in the awesome End Of Level Boss, he's a top notch musician. Well, sort of, he's a drummer, but a top notch one anyway! Because I'm that cool, I've been listening to the band's new album for a while now, and it'll blow each and every one of you away when it's out, in no small part due to Neil's merciless beating of his drums of doom. He's now living the easy life in some tropical country or other (Sweden.), so I gave him something to do and shot 10 9 rounds his way. Big Jim the bearded sailor was around too, but didn't get to answer any.

1. We once watched a girl skinny-dip in Germany, while having a hungover morning coffee. That’s not a question (it's a habit of mine in these things), but I wanted to relive that moment with you, it’s a personal highlight of my sad life.
I remember it clearly sir. We were sitting coffee-in-hand onlooking an incredibly scenic lake, chatting innocently about Lawnmower Deth and Portuguese football. Suddenly, a girl decided to stand directly in front of us and remove all her clothes, without even having the decency to check if she was blocking our view! I was horrified! It's simply the height of ignorance and displays a complete disregard for nature-lovers like ourselves. I've still no idea why the coffee table started rising though.
[did you notice how it rose slightly askew to one side?]

2. When did you become a drummer and what was your motivation? I know of your unhealthy Mötley Crüe obsession, so don’t tell me you listened to Girls, Girls, Girls and decided you wanted to be Tommy Lee.
I became a drummer when I was about 11 years old. My motivation for the instrument was pretty simple really: It made me feel good! It just so happened that many of the records I adored at an early age contained exceptional drummers. How could I NOT want to play the drums after hearing Slayer's South Of Heaven!? Lombardo's drumming was so expressive, extreme, creative and free that I actually laughed in disbelief upon first listen. Predictably I'm going to talk about Tommy Lee now... I'll try to keep it short and sweet by stating two simple facts: No other drummer possesses such a combination of personality, power, groove, class and sensibility. No other drummer has visually taken rock drumming to such an extreme or entertaining level. The end. It's probably inaccurate to make comparisons between Tommy Lee and myself though, because I'm far more well endowed! ;)
[stop that, the table was higher on MY side!]

3. I’ll do the same in magazine reviews soon because I’ve heard it and it’s AWESOME (just to reiterate that in case someone was sleeping at the back there during the intro), but you’re the best person to ask – why should everyone else be wetting their panties in anticipation of the new End Of Level Boss album?
Cheers José! (i'll give you that tenner later!) I'm going to cop-out on this answer because I'm not one to blow my own trumpet (unless I removed a few ribs of course!) but what I will do is provide 4 reasons as to why the album will definitely sound different to it's 2 predecessors. A) We have a new bassist and drummer. B) We wrote the album collectively rather than individually. C) We willingly permitted the music to take us wherever it liked, and trust me... it goes to some very new places. D) The comraderie within the band has never been stronger, and fortunately this translates through the wonders of sound! Hoorah! Hopefully there won't be a dry pair of panties in the house!... even if it's only big Jim the bearded-sailor in the corner who wets himself.

4. You were snowed in during much of the recording, was there much cabin fever going on?
We actually had a great time in the studio, and it was strangely liberating to be stranded in the English countryside with no available transport. We ended up watching loads of "Flight Of The Conchords" episodes and became addicted to "Rush" DVDs. Our 4-stringed finger-wizard ended up crashing his motorbike in the snow, so that wasn't so good. Fortunately, he survived to watch big Jim the bearded-sailor wet himself.

5. There isn’t much about your previous band RAAR online, so tell us all we need to know about it. And if you’re feeling generous, a link to download everything you ever did.
Sadly, our most classic gigs happened just before most people had camera phones! RAAR were 4 black-isler's (peninsula in the highlands of Scotland) that played some amazing gigs, had some great adventures and most importantly made some incredible kick-ass music! Even the mighty Bruce Dickinson can occasionally be seen wearing the infamous RAAR t-shirt! (I have photographic evidence!) It still bewilders me to this day why it never went further than it did.
[here's that evidence:]

6. You’ve moved to Sweden recently, so in how many black metal side-projects are you involved in already by now?
I'm in an ultra brutal grind-core band called "The Mumps", an aggresive hardcore thrash band called "Under The Weather", and a Satanic black metal band called "Off to bed without coco". Seriously though, i've not joined any bands over here as i've been too busy job hunting! Sweden is great though, and it's been one hell of an exciting change in my life. I'd kill for a pint of Tennents though!

7. Question seven does not exist. It never did. Nothing to read here. Move along. You just had a free pic of Bruce Dickinson, don't moan.

8. Why does everyone like Scottish people instantly? I include myself in that group, too. What, is it the accent, is it Braveheart, is it the underdog thing with England, or are you all genuinely brilliant? All the Scots I know are, at least.
All of the above of course! Ha ha! Seriously though, I've really got no idea why Scots are so liked....we can't understand it either! This one is really not for me to answer. I'm not complaining though! If i start questioning a good thing it might go wrong!

9. Will we beat Rangers Thursday night? Predict the scoreline, and remember the Gods might be listening to you.
I think that your beloved Sporting Lisbon will win and consequently knock Rangers out of Europe. I don't think it will be a convincing win, but a win none-the-less. Possibly on away goals. The most important thing from my Hearts FC perspective is that Rangers pick up as many injuries as possible so that we can catch up with them in the title race. Come on the Jam Tarts!

10. Last question is list-question – name five bands from the past that you would have loved to drum in.
Entombed - on their "Clandestine" album.
Cynic - on their "Focus" album.
Mötley Crüe - on their "Mötley Crüe" album.
Slayer - on their "South of Heaven" album.
Black Sabbath - on their "Black Sabbath" album....just so that I could say I played drums on the first ever Heavy Metal album!

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