Wednesday, February 23, 2011

top 10 grindcore bands that aren't Napalm Death, Terrorizer or Brutal Truth.
01. Pig Destroyer
02. Nasum
03. Rotten Sound
04. Insect Warfare
05. Agoraphobic Nosebleed
06. Cephalic Carnage
07. Kill The Client
08. Wormrot
09. Mumakil
10. Antigama


  1. Eerily close to what my own top 10 grindcore bands would look like. Minor nitpick would probably be that I would include the likes of Looking For an Answer or Machetazo. Other than that, grind bliss.

    Insect Warfare \m/

  2. Excellent, as usual.

    My personal list would include Repulsion, (early) Carcass, Regurgitate, and Discordance Axis.

  3. Yeah, Repulsion and the Carcass genesis would have had to be there, but I sort of included them in those exceptions. I just wanted a list without the usual obligatory founding fathers, more contemporary grind, so to speak. Regurgitate (despite the now impossible to forget Ghost connection), Discordance Axis and Looking For An Answer would have appeared on a top 20 list, as well as Clinging To The Threes Of A Forest Fire, one of my recent favourites. Machetazo, blasphemy as it might sound, I never agreed much with.