Monday, February 7, 2011

top 10 random personal pet peeves in the music business
01. Endless, tireless, pointless "is this metal?" discussions.
02. Lumping Neurosis, Isis and Cult Of Luna (usually these three) together for stylistic comparisons, as if they have anything to do with each other.
03. Digital promos. Make up your minds, record labels. You spend your existence convincing kids downloading stuff isn't the same as owning the proper records (which I agree wholeheartedly), but then you expect reviewers to make do with a bunch of .mp3, often poorly tagged and of hideous quality.
04. Reissues with a flimsy two-page booklet and no extra material. We have internet and a printer at home, too!
05. Engrish on lyrics or, even worse, song and album titles. Enough to ruin a perfectly good song. Example. A black day dawn at horizon where winter hearts our battlefields / the ultimate frostage desire snowflurry drifts these plains. Seriously?
06. "Sludge" suddenly being used to describe everything, from Kylesa to Jesu (I kid you not) to Neurosis/Isis/Cult Of Luna. (see what I did there?)
07. Vocalists who can't shut up between songs. I briefly discussed this here already, and my opinion stands ever firmer.
08. The usual combination of small (or non-existent) overcrowded photo pit and bouncer who treats photographers as an entirely new species he has no idea what to do with apart from screwing up their work as much as he can.
09. Smoking ban at gigs.
10. Being poor (and not even getting records anymore, see #3).

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