Sunday, February 13, 2011

You know what, screw flickr. Remember the embarrassing link to 'my photography' I had over there to the right, which led you to photos from a grand total of three shows? Forget about it. flickr is cumbersome and I can't really be bothered to keep dumping my neverending pile of photos in there. That, and I wanted yet another pretty banner on my blog for yet another regular feature (Luana does all these, before you think I'm in any way talented).

So, I'll be posting some photos here, half-regularly. No better way to start off than with a few snaps of one of my heroes. Wino himself granted me the opportunity to do a little photoshoot with him to promote his solo acoustic album, 'Adrift', and I also got to witness the first rehearsals of his new band, Premonition. A few other photos from this session have been used in press (and I actually opened this blog with one of them), which is cool. Anyway, I believe these speak for themselves, really, as the man's personality shines through every little detail.


  1. I agree with JGD's sentiments entirely, I really dug Adrift