Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let's keep up with the drummers and Sweden themes. This time a native Swede instead of that cocky Scottish invader of last week. Niklas is a great dude I met through lovely female acquaintances, and I'm looking forward to hanging out at the forthcoming Roadburn festival. He's also, of course, a kickass drummer, beating the skins for young stoner rockers Alonzo, whom I can't encourage you enough to go check out, they simply ooze talent and potential.

1. Explain to everyone why Alonzo rocks so much.
Since we live in Uppsala, a really boring city at the time, someone has to rock. So Alonzo and some other local bands keeps the torch alive by making good music.

2. What has your coolest gig been so far?
On of the coolest gigs was when we opened for Abramis Brama, the only problem was that we didn't get to hear what we played since our sound-check was 30 seconds long, so we all had to look at each other to know what the hell we were doing. It must have looked pretty funny but I think we pulled it off pretty good.

3. According to this, there’s people around using your name for horrid purposes like hip hop and shit. Want me to bring you their heads, or just shooting their kneecaps would do?
Shoot their kneecaps and bring me their heads and we shall feast upon them!
[that's my boy. Hey, have you noticed the the "let's shoot people" theme also half-forming of late in these interviews? We all need to chillax, I think.]

4. What part of your body would you give to play at Roadburn?
They can get one of my toes, it's kinda fucked up since my boss chruched it with a forklift and now I don't like it as much as I used to. Hell! They can get the whole foot! But it would be really nice to get the opportunity to play here!
[Walter, take note if you ever need a spare foot. Or a kickass band.]

5. What’s the Uppsala scene like? Do you know any of the Watain members who are from there, for example?
The scene looks good! We got some great bands, everything from greasy Mississippi blues to old-shool death metal, so there's a lot to listen to. We have some mutual friends with Watain.

6. How did you become a drummer? Did you try out any other instruments before that?
When I was a kid I was a huge Kiss fan and the first record I bought of them was "Alive" (it's still an awesome record!), and when I heard Peter Criss do the drumsolo on the track "100 000 Years" I got mesmerized! It's not a great drumsolo, it's actually kinda bad, but I thought it was fucking amazing! I was seven and didn't know better... but I couldn't afford a drum set then, so it wasn't until I was eighteen that I bought my first kit.

7. Krusus was cool too, is that band officially inactive?
Yeah it is, I'm afraid. It's amazing that we were able to write songs since most of the rehearsing time was dedicated to drinking beer. When our singer was supposed to record the song tracks we couldn't find him! We looked all over the place and then we found him laying on the bathroom floor, too drunk to sing, and I was busy (by accident) knocking one of the guitarist's amps over, so the songs we wrote were kinda like a bonus! I like to think that it was for the best that we split up, at least for our health.

8. We share a common feat we can male-bond over – we both managed to catch a classy member of the Brazilian female species. Isn’t that awesome?
Damn right! It is awesome. I can safely say we have an exquisite taste in women!

9. Did you get Moomin when you were a kid? I was first aware of the Moomins while I lived in Finland and I felt cheated for only discovering them at an adult age.
Moomin is awesome! They are like stoned rhinos without horns, who wouldn't like that!?
[man has a point.]

10. Infamous list question: name your top 5 brands of beer.
1. Guinness.
2. Bombardier.
3. Devassa
4. Quilmes
5. Whatever beer that "gets the job done"

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