Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 day song challenge / day 02 - your least favourite song

Day 02 - Your Least Favourite Song
Tim - Voar
Believe it or not, this is probably the hardest one to pick of all the 30. I might breathe music 24/7 and have a musical taste range that most people would qualify as schizo, but there is a gigantic amount of music out there that has zero appeal to me, and several genres that, out of disinterest, I know zilch about. Also within the genres that I do like, there are bands I couldn't possibly care less about. Nevertheless, when I don't like something, I just move on. I don't dwell on shit, and I have no real hatred or disgust for any band,or particular musician,  despite the number of times I might poke fun at them. For a song to be my least favourite, I'd have to, first of all, know it well, and furthermore, it had to be one that either really irks me or one that I'm sick of on account of overplaying. But when my radio listening is reduced to football commentaries when in the car, it's hard to have something I don't like getting overplayed to me. I have no childhood or teenage traumas of listening to something I really hated for any reason, so it's hard to pick one of those "I've hated this for 20 years!" sort of things too.

It did cross my mind to pick something that simply revolts me at gut level by non-musical values, like benfica's hymn or some other hideous deformity like that, but it's a bit of cheating, isn't it? Despising a sorry excuse for a football club doesn't really count as a reason to have a least favourite song. My pal JGD has a valid point when he says 'My Humps' is the worst song in history, but I've stolen enough inspiration from him in building this blog without starting to pick on his opinions as well.

So.... my least favourite song. One name did keep creeping up on the back of my mind while I was thinking about it, and when I asked my girl, out of sheer desperation, what my least favourite song was, she just hummed a Xutos & Pontapés tune. And that's it. I could feel the anger coming up, the urge for her to shut up. It's perfect.

Xutos are a "legendary" Portuguese rock band, the fascination for which I could never remotely understand - for the non-Portuguese among you (blessed are you for not knowing this, friends), it's basic, childish mainstream pop rock, with utterly, painfully stupid lyrics often disguised as "intervention", an unbelievably horrid singer and uncomprehensibly devoted fans, and they've been going on for 150 years or whatever it is. As if that wasn't enough, aforementioned singer, Tim, has a solo album, and one of his "songs" plays seventeen million times per episode on a soap opera my girl watches. In one swoop, this monstrosity of a song covers all bases -  a band I've disliked for decades, the overplaying effect because of the damn TV show that's on my sonic background daily, a song that urges me to smash things just so the sound is muffled out and as a bonus these people are even benfica fans! So, with deep apologies...