Monday, March 14, 2011

30 day song challenge / day 01 - your favourite song

I've seen a few people doing this on facebook, and as far as silly time-wasting memes go, this is just about the only one I'm willing to indulge in, and since I have a blog I might as well do it here. Some of the choices will be difficult because the whole thing seems to be oriented at people who have twelve CDs on their shelf and listen to a specific song because it reminds them when they were in Ibiza for a week in 1979 or because they're feeling all droopy and a jolly tune will cheer them right up. I don't exactly have that sort of relationship with music, but I'll try, and it'll be a fun experiment.

Some of the shit I'll choose might not exist on YouTube or whatever so I might just tell you what song it is and you'll go and check it out if you have nothing better to do. Also, I won't be all funny about it - while the temptation is there to post a Gnaw Their Tongues or a Graves At Sea song on the "a song that makes you happy" day, I'll keep this vaguely sarcasm-free.


Day 01 - Your Favourite Song
Tom Waits - Long Way Home
See, this is what I mean. Who the hell has a specific favourite song? People with twelve CDs who listen to 'Hotel California' every day because their spouses liked it when they were still attractive. I can't even decide on a favourite band or favourite genre, let alone a song. Hell, I have trouble with top 100 lists. So, here's one of my many hundreds of favourite songs, chosen because it's the one that named this blog. It's special and related to who I am and all that stuff.


  1. If only Tom knew, how his music influence people's blogs!!:P

  2. A cracking start my friend! I have also seen these on FB. I just can't be arsed though! :)