Monday, March 28, 2011

road therapy - blut aus nord / 40 watt sun

Blut Aus Nord
777 - Sect(s)
2011 / Debemur Morti

40 Watt Sun
The Inside Room
2011 / Cyclone Empire

As the new records demanding to be listened to pile up on my desk, they tend to overflow onto my car, so apart from a recent re-obsession with Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds' 'Henry's Dream', it's been mostly new releases guiding me through traffic lately. These two have been the most permanent ones, mainly because they're awesome but also because of the way they complement each other so well. Blut Aus Nord's new work is instantly terrifying, I actually first heard it in the car when my good friend and boss brought me the promo on our way to cover a local festival and it's still there, haunting every ride with its strained fury and cryptic, chaotically dark atmosphere. I hadn't been this excited about Blut Aus Nord since 'The Work Which Transforms God', and that's saying something. While keeping the abstract into-the-void feel of the latest couple of albums, it recovers an element of black metal power that had been sorely missing.

Of course, it's a tense motherfucker of an album. Which is why 40 Watt Sun feels even better afterwards. It's not a party album, but it's the best way to unwind while still being remembered, smoothly this time, that our existence is a barren, meaningless hell. As you should know by now, 40 Watt Sun is Patrick Walker's new band, following the path of Warning but taking it one step further still. 'The Inside Room' is soaring, epic and yet intimate and moving, Patrick's unique and instantly recognizable wail gains previously unheard dynamics and diversity with these new songs, and halfway through the album, especially on the painfully beautiful 'Carry Me Home', it's already clear that this is a new band and not just Warning by another name. Melancholically soothing, it'll be one of the best albums of this year and it calms the demonical fury of Blut Aus Nord on those long stretches of highway.

Pressure. Release. Repeat.


  1. Still need to catch up on that 40 Watt Sun record...

    But glad to see you did enjoy the new Blut Aus Nord despite what you told me earlier. ;)

  2. 40 Watt Sun starting the tour in the Netherlands. How lucky am I?
    I'm still addicted to the new album of BAN. My hardcopy arrived last week and I already made two CD copies; one for the work and another for the house.