Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mayhem + Corpus Christii at Cine-Teatro, Corroios / April 22nd 2011

They got to Portugal late, with their current far-from-classical line-up, but thanks to Prime Artists, at least Mayhem repaired a little of their no-show history in this country with a strong and competent gig on Good Friday, of all days. To complete full-on blasphemy value, local black metal powerhouse Corpus Christii was the perfect addition to the fold.

The band led by the ever busy Nocturnus Horrendus pictured above (just metal-archives him and wonder how the man ever sleeps with all the projects he's in) unleashed a torrent of raw fury over the converted theatre, mixing several classics with some new material from the forthcoming new album, a couple of months away on Candlelight Records, and that previously unheard stuff ended up being the surprising highlight, with a few agonizingly shouted vocals shaking things up a bit. They could be on to something huge, and with a seemingly stable line-up delivering a crushing live show as well, they'll surely be one of the names to consider for a future 2011 black metal recap. Let's put it this way - Corpus Christii weren't supposed to support Mayhem on the Porto date the next day, and when the Norwegians realized this, they paid for their trip with their own means just so that could happen.

Yet, he doesn't look all that friendly, does he? In fact, he looks fucking scary, and that's how he looked and felt throughout the whole show. So Euronymous (and Dead) can't be there, for obvious reasons, Blasphemer has moved on, and the casual fan might only recognize Necrobutcher from any classical Mayhem line-up we might have stored in our collective memory (since Hellhammer is barely visible behind his huge kit), but Attila Csihar damn well makes sure the show will be unforgettable anyway. Never mind the rather lame two pig's heads as only stage props (with which he engages in frequent conversation, it should be mentioned), or the overwhelming and painfully unnecessary triggering of the drums, the low sound volume or the incomprehensible absence of 'Funeral Fog', Attila fucking delivers and conquers all. Screeching, snarling, chanting, reciting, shrieking and screaming his way throughout an otherwise pretty awesome setlist, as blood-smeared demonic pope (and dedicating 'A Time To Die' to the actual pope) his figure centralizes all attentions and is the prime vehicle of release for all the malice we know these songs contain therein.

Even if guitarists Morfeus (ex-Limbonic Art) and Teloch (ex-1349) deserve a mention for their utmost competence and Necrobutcher for the dirty and heavy presence of his basslines, it's the Hungarian devil who carries the whole show and merits the highest accolades. Even on a song very obviously built for Maniac like 'Ancient Skin' he can make it his own, and even more so on crushing classics like 'Freezing Moon' or 'Buried By Time And Dust'. Necrobutcher's grin seems to say it all: "we still rule, don't we, you doubting fuckers?"

Yes you do, sir.

Corpus Christii setlist:
Crimson Hour
Crystal Glaze Foundation
Bleak Existence
Torrents Of Sorrow
The Owl Resurrection
The Wanderer
Untouchable Euphoria
The Infidel's Cross
All Hail... (Master Satan)

Mayhem setlist:
Pagan Fears
Ancient Skin
My Death
Cursed In Eternity
A Time To Die
View From Nihil
Illuminate Eliminate
Freezing Moon
Silvester Anfang
Buried By Time And Dust
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Pure Fucking Armageddon

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