Tuesday, May 24, 2011

30 day song challenge - day 10 - a song that makes you fall asleep

Day 10 - A song that makes you fall asleep
Ulver - EOS

There's two ways to look at this one, the most obvious is probably the negative one. When a song or an album are described as soporific, it's usually not a good thing. It's usually an exaggeration too, used as an amplified synonym for boring. Then, you can look at it another way, that it's not necessarily a bad thing that a song makes you sleepy. Take this, the opener from Ulver's amazing 2007 album 'Shadows Of The Sun'. It's obvious by listening to it why it's perceived as such a nocturnal, soothing piece, but for me its sleep effect is even deeper.

I was going through some heavy shit around the time this album came out (yes, boys and girls, I am not always this bouncing ball of sanity and health that you know and unconditionally love), and I had just acquired a habit many people have that I never really indulged in - leaving music on when you go to sleep. I listen to music during very nearly my every waking moment, but once I'm off to sleep, I turn it off. I don't mind if it's on, I can sleep anyway and I take the same 10 seconds I usually do to nod off and sleep as deeply as a dead man even if the building is collapsing around me, but around that screwed up time I felt that music to accompany my nights had become a bit of a necessity.

Me being me, I obviously compiled sleepytime playlists that I would put on before bed either randomly or picking stuff from there if I was feeling in the mood for something particular, and very naturally 'Shadows Of The Sun' started taking control of my choices for that moment. So, while I don't drop to the ground like a fainting goat whenever I listen to the first song of the album (usually the only one I listened to while still awake), it has left a slight Pavlovian residue in me and I can always feel the inner peace of impending sleep start to take over.

So, good night.

(this isn't an official video for the song or anything, but I like what this person has done with these images)

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