Friday, May 13, 2011

road therapy - the man-eating tree

The Man-Eating Tree
2010 / Century Media

So I'm easing myself back into the metal in my road trips, and this is a perfect transition. Yeah, yeah, I'm a sucker for anything that's dark, melodic and preferably Finnish, Sentenced and Fall Of The Leafe are my two all-time favourites in that department, and the debut by this new band features Sentenced's drummer Vesa and Fall Of The Leafe's amazing vocalist Tuomas, so of course I embraced it with all my heart when it came out last year. No use going through big descriptions or praise again, I placed them on the top half of my 2010 top 100 list and I did a much deserved band of the week on Terrorizer about them, AND an interview on issue #203 of the same mag, so if you haven't fallen in love with 'Vine', it's all your fault, not mine.

Don't beat yourself up if you haven't, though. My wife hasn't either, and that's kinda the point of this post. I got a funny moment with her in the car today. As the majority of us male metalheads have to contend with compromise mixes and sort-of-soft-metal albums to play when in the company of our better halves, me, when I drove off this afternoon with her and 'Vine' started playing, I got a vocal complaint of "god, not this sappy stuff again! Can't we have someone shouting?". That's right. Turns out she had spent the best part of the day listening to Orchid (the American screamo pioneers), Pulling Teeth and His Hero Is Gone, and her tolerance for deep feelings, especially the ones displayed on the outrageously gorgeous 'Of Birth For Passing' ballad which I insist on singing out loud with my hand on my heart, is an absolute zero. She's across the room with headphones on right now, probably listening to Celeste or Cobra Noir or some other noisy shit. Just to avoid the quiet Jenny Hoyston/William Elliott Whitmore country noir emanating from my speakers.

I'm such a wuss.


  1. It's not Celeste or Cobra Noir, but it's the latest Alpinist. All shouting, I love it! Yeah, I'm the male in this relationship :D

  2. I can really picture Luana doing this haha, ya wuss!