Friday, August 26, 2011

We might not have seen it coming, we might have not have thought of it for a second on our wildly incomplete 2011 predictions, at least those of us who indulged into that sort of geekery. We might have even thought "yeah, another lame black metal band. Weren't there some rather corny Swedes with this name too?" when they got the promo, before a)reading the press release to see who the musicians involved were, b)listening to it and c)noticing it's not Wisdom, it's VVisdom. Okay, that was just me, probably, and I will suffer 1.000 days of sodom for that (see below). But regardless of our ignorance, Ancient VVisdom's debut, 'A Godlike Inferno', will surely feature among many a best of 2011 list. Mostly acoustic, dark, and very, very serious, it's one of the most surprisingly affecting albums of the year and you will book your first class ticket to hell just by looking at it. I've been so impressed with it that I've stalked the great Nathan Opposition until he got into the 10 rounds with me. Be afraid.

1. When you founded Ancient VVisdom you were still in Integrity, have the band’s aims and objectives changed much since you and Michael left Integrity and it became your only musical focus?
Same objective: creating to destroy, destroying to create.

2. Has the foundation of the band’s sound always been the acoustic instrumentation?
The acoustic instrumentation has been with us from the beginning. It adds depth to the nature of our songs.

3. I’m sure a lot of people will spell the band’s name with a W, just like that old Swedish black metal band. So, what’s the deal with the double V, and what punishment do you suggest for those who misspell it?
Instant intense corrective rehabilitation for those who spell our name with a "W", a penalty of 1.000 days of sodom. The name is pronounced Lncient VVisdom. VVe are a product of a pre-christian pagan culture.

4. Unlike many noisy bands, with AVV it’s clear to everyone what you’re singing, so do you take extra care with the quality of your lyric writing because of that?
My lyrics are well thought out hymns, ever word is selected for a specific reason.

5. The lyrics on the song The Opposition, in particular, seem very personal, especially considering you have taken Opposition as your last name. Do you actually sing praises to Lucifer, and do they take away your suffering?
Every "Live Ritual" vve sing praises to Lucifer. The Opposition is everything I am. Every generation needs a catalyst for change. I am willing to say what they won't say, and do what they won't do.
[one of those live rituals below. Be very afraid.]

6. Machete percussion is probably the coolest instrumentation a band has ever used. Will you keep innovating in terms of instrumentation for future releases?
I want to introduce a new percussive sound on each new album, certain songs have specific percussive sounds. I have been throwing some ideas around for the next one that will top that!

7. How prolific a songwriter are you? Do you think the forthcoming AVV albums will follow roughly the same direction as this one?
Next AVV album is already in the works! VVe have a lot of interesting songs and titles that vve will be introducing when the time is right, with the same AVV vibe and then some. New sounds, new psalms of praise to the war of hell in every human mind. It will follow accordingly to our first full length 'A Godlike Inferno' since vve have plans on taking it to the same studio, The Bubble, in Austin.

8. AVV seem really tight on a live setting and the songs are faithfully reproduced. You seem pretty fired up too. Have people reacted well to your performances?
First of all thank you very very much. Our shows thus far have been great! One of my favorite live rituals that vve have done was recently with Dax Riggs. VVe have played a lot of great shows, or as I call them Live Rituals. Pentagram, Eyehategod, two great fuckin' bands for SXSW. VVe did a show with Scott VVino and Scott Kelly when they did an acoustic tour, two great fuckin' musicians as well.
[All hail.]

9. Dude, an EP with Charles Manson. What's your take on Manson, do you think it’s unfair that his songs will never be looked upon for what they are, outside the context of his life?
There will be a few people who understand the circumstances of his very complicated life and that can see past the media's vision of who Charles Manson is. I see him as a misunderstood public figure of sorts. I also see him as a musician/artist who has a right to have a voice just like anyone else.

10. Last question is list question - if you had to choose the five bands/artists most important in the shaping of Ancient VVisdom’s sound, what would they be? 
Ohhh! Tough one!

Death in June
David Bowie
Roky Erickson

Hail all these artists now.
[Again, all hail.]

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