Monday, August 8, 2011

josé's top 10s - motörhead albums

There was a discussion with a few of my fellow music writers this morning about the best Motörhead album of the last two decades (the majority of opinions converged towards '1916' and 'Inferno', and I heartily agree), so I mentally put together my top 10 Motörhead albums, ever. It's funny to note that, despite the fact that they have penned some of the best tunes in the history of mankind, that their live show is still today a fucking blast and that Lemmy is, obviously, the coolest person in the world, Motörhead have very rarely put together a 100% consistent album, devoid of any filler. Oh, and 'No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith' counts because it's the best live album ever, because it's the Motörhead album that I still spin the most and because it's my blog and I want it to, so there. Anyway, your list is surely different, so discuss, elaborate, insult and praise mine at will.

01. No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith (1981)
02. Ace Of Spades (1980)
03. Overkill (1979)
04. Inferno (2004)
05. Bomber (1979)
06. 1916 (1991)
07. On Parole (1979, sort of)
08. Sacrifice (1995)
09. Iron Fist (1982)
10. Overnight Sensation (1996)