Saturday, September 10, 2011

30 day song challenge - day 14 - a song no one would expect you to love

Day 14 - A song no one would expect you to love
Travis - The Cage

I skipped two daysof this thing because they were dumb. Day 12 was a song from a band I hate, but I've already done something similar on day 02 and I really, really don't feel like polluting the blog with stuff I don't like, again. Day 13 was a song that is a guilty pleasure, and that is a concept I don't have - if I like something I'll admit it loudly, happily and guiltlessly, regardless of the opinion of the rest of the world. I do realize the interest in that question, yes, but that's perfectly covered by this next day of the list. If I had any guilty pleasures, they would be something no one would expect me to love, right? So here you go, Travis. I guess that fits the bill nicely, but you'll have to confirm that yourselves. Would you expect me to like Travis?

Maybe it's the fact they're from Glasgow and I seem to have a tendency to like everything that comes from there (Glasvegas as well, anyone?), but I've always found this band to be miles ahead of any other mushy britpop band you can compare them to. Good melodies, a certain cynical/heartbroken outlook and lyrics that actually seem to have some thought and some feeling behind them. I have a huge love especially for the 'The Man Who' and the 'The Invisible Band' albums, and this one, here on beautiful live rendition in their hometown, is from the latter of those. I like the quieter, pained ones better, so 'Dear Diary', 'Afterglow', 'The Humpty Dumpty Love Song', 'The Fear' or 'Driftwood' could easily be here as well.

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