Friday, September 23, 2011

Yeah, yeah, everyone's a cynic and everyone's always suspicious of all the shady motivations behind most comebacks and reunions. But stop being a buzzkill just for a while. Some are really cool and besides, so what if it's for the money? As long as they kick ass while they're on stage and do great records, I don't give two shits if they need an extra buck to snort a little more coke from a whore's buttcrack or to put their kids through college or whatever. So, within the realm of possibility (we'd all like the Ramones to get back together, yes, but shut up), and since my very first top 10 here on the long way home. was related to reunions, here's the top 10 bands that should get back together:

01. In The Woods...
02. Kiss It Goodbye
03. December Wolves
04. Babylon Whores
05. His Hero Is Gone
06. Cop Shoot Cop
07. Cobra Noir
08. Floodgate
09. Cursed
10. Graves At Sea


  1. Totally agree with number one. Old Man Gloom is one of the bands that should get back together.