Wednesday, October 12, 2011

from Hiroshima Nagasaki Umeå Stockholm (their words, not mine!)

So last week there wasn't a band of the week. Just imagine I recommended you something awesome, and then stop thinking about it. In fact, stop thinking, altogether, for a while. It's great to challenge yourself with le avantgarde and shit, but in between eerie bouts of the new Gnaw Their Tongues, Crooked Necks and Bloody Panda albums, and some Death In June memory lane tripping ahead of a gig next Saturday, it's all-out mindless head-smashing fun that has been consuming me. My last band of the week The Fucking Wrath are still on my regular playlist, of course, as is stuff like Red Fang or, above all, Bastard Priest.

If you're a regular of this joint, first of all I hope your regular appointments with the psychiatrist are going well, but also you might remember me placing the first Bastard Priest album, 'Under The Hammer Of Destruction', at #63 on the best albums of 2010 list, colourfuly describing them at the time as "Fucking grim, hard and loose punkish death'n'roll, like the corpse of Entombed spitting out fat larvae all over a puddle of puke." Almost exactly a year after that cute debut, the duo formed by Matt Mendoza and Inventor have coughed up a follow-up that will not only undoubtedly be present in the 2011 list, but also fortunately be described the exact same way.

 'Ghouls Of The Endless Night' is so far from the concept of evolution that it is essentially a regression - if anything is different from the debut, it's a punkier vibe, a coarser and even less refined lo-fi sound, uglier and more childish artwork and lyrics that are even more stupid, fun and exciting to scream as horribly as that Inventor dude does it. The last song is called 'Enormous Thunder Of The End', that alone should be enough to justify the price of purchase alone. If you still have any doubts, you're a pussy, and you should go remove them at Invisible Oranges, who are streaming the whole putrid thing.

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