Saturday, December 31, 2011

screw 2011

I was all geared up to do something pretty along the lines of this post from last year, but really, what's the point? Everyone has had enough of lists by now, including me, and the conclusions anyone would draw from a list of disappointments and a list of things I'm looking forward to are also incredibly obvious and can be summed up in a few lines.

Yeah, Neurosis and -(16)- will probably be my two albums of the year come the 2012 lists. And the shit I've heard of 2012, like the new Lord Mantis that is currently destroying my neighbours' party mood, already promises yet another rich year.

As for all the bitterness, naturally the competition over the biggest steaming turd award of 2011 was fiercely fought between the 'Lulu' and 'Illud pig-latin whatever' atrocities. I still have very, very little time for the massively overrated Mastodon or Opeth, I'm agonizingly sick of things like a) Enslaved being prog, b) Boris albums and c) albums with Mike Patton on them (The Book Of Knots excepted), the Fucked Up album was more or less three and a half hours longer than it should have been, Charred Walls Of The Damned still sound absolutely nothing like any of the talented people that constitute the line-up, people like Machine Head, Venom, Amon Amarth and Deicide behaved like fat, established aristocrats who don't even need to fart loud enough for units to be sold and put out albums blander than bone-dry rice cakes, and the Anathema and Burzum re-recordings were the equivalent of doing this all over the material they should have left the fuck alone.

And that's it. Now go and get drunk and I'll see you all next year. Here's the coolest music video of the year/ever.

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